Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Sessions Reflections

The go......3.5-4hrs on flat @ easy pace in 53 ring @ 90+ cadence

Hmmmmm.......should read program a little better next time....

It may have been more like
3.5-4hrs on hills @ easy pace in whatever gearing to get me there @ a grinding cadence.

But I had it in my blood this morning, I felt that the 'Hills' were a calling so I answered them and they there we were. Together on Nebo, I found it a really worth while session this morning, the legs were working in circles....smooth...uninterrupted circles....with a bit of a 'bob' at times....LOL.

The stats are:

Average HR: 117bpm
Max HR: 153bpm
Min HR: 58bpm

Recovery was a serve of Endura Opti and a 10min cold water treatment.

Things to monitor:
  • Lower back very sore.
  • Pain in the Left Hip flexior region
Overall, I was pleased with my efforts this morning the legs got me through and I suppose it all about getting a bit more of that strength back in my legs and condition them a little more to ensure continued power throughout races etc.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday's Training Reflections

Today, Thursday......3 day until the first race of the season. Even though I am no where near prepared, I feel quite excited to have a HIM race, it has been a long 'off season' and I think my mind has let me down over the 'off season'. I haven't achieved as much as I would have like too over the 'off season' but it is no use staying in the past and I need to focus on the season ahead, an exciting and challenging. It think I need this race just to kick my butt. I have then 7 weeks to seriously hit the training to achieve around 4h30m for GC HIM.

The spin session tonight was good....I felt good....I felt strong....great session Suz. And the run....ran like the wind! (it was only about 500m) but anything will do!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Mental State of a Triathlete - Part 1

No matter what distance triathlon an athlete calls their own, there is obviously the physical aspect of the sport but even more importantly there is the mental side. Without an athlete being mentally trained (or mentally prepared) the physical preparation/training etc. is difficult to 'get right' to enable the athlete to achieve their goals. In fact one doesn't go without the other, they go hand in hand.

There is then a number of aspects that mental preparedness is important:
  • Training
  • Racing
  • Recovery
  • Diet
These 4 are what I believe are the most critical in a triathlete achieving their goals and these 4 areas are quite important to each other. If an athlete is ill disciplined in one it will affect one or more of the others. This leads to another trait that influences an athletes level of mental preparedness and that is there level of discipline. Without a high level of self discipline the mental preparedness of an athlete will have areas of deficiency.

All this also has a number of other influences that makes it easier or harder for an athlete to be mentally prepared.
  • Family
  • Work
  • Goals
  • Natural ability
  • Injuries (susceptibility to)
  • Support structure (coaching etc.)
  • Time (relates to a number of the influences above)
Each week I plan to open these ideas up a little further, from an athletes point of view and pose some practical ideas on achieving a balance in achieving mental preparedness for a triathlete.

Hope.....the direction forward.

Thursday night, Friday was to start with all good intentions, but just in setting the clock radio it was never going to be one that would be advantageous to improving my overall swimming fitness...if you get what I mean. However, in saying that, I did have some early morning work commitments.

From here, let's move on. At 4pm I had a Podiatrist appointment to pick up my orthodics, would this be the thing to finally help in helping this foot injury to improve, time will only tell, about 4 weeks to be exact. They are quite a 'interesting' feeling. But I will just have to get use to them.

Friday evening was a core session and 20min run. This session was actually completed. The sore session went off well and then a 20-30min run afterwards. This run was with the orthodics. Hmmm they are going to take a bit of getting use to. But it has to be done.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday's Training Reflections

This morning I really struggled to find the motivation to drag my legs out of bed and out onto the bitumen for a 45min run. This was particular made harder by a reduced amount of sleep the night before and the foot being rather stiff and sore this morning. People could say a little soft...maybe...but I would call it cautious.

In the evening I fronted up for the BTS Spin session (with John), wow, great workout and it was a great indication that there is certainly still a base there, but the strength and muscular endurance has diminished to a certain extent. This is really something I need to 'get into' over the next 8 weeks.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Training Reflections

The dark, cold, lonely winters mornings, the triathletes last frontier.

This morning I over came the attraction to stay in bed to get out their for a mid week ride. It was a great session once I got out there. Drove to work then completed a 2hr ride.

I felt good throughout the ride, however towards the end of the ride the legs would fatigue a little up reasonable inclines.

As much as possible I tried to stay down in the aerobars. Since changing my arm rests over I am a little closer to the central axis of the bike and whilst feeling a little cramped I am finding that it is a little more efficient in terms of maintaining an aero position.

The evening session was a swim session, this was more a technique and stroke correction session and was very enjoyable. I am beginning to feel a little more 'sleek' in the water. A little more of the bark is wearing off.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Training Reflections

Running it should be quicker than a walk.

But a sprint is quicker than a run.

Mental toughness will take you from a walk to a jog, then on to a run and finally on to a sprint.

Drills are a the basis for a runner to become a better more efficient runner.
The run this morning was a new start and I can't expect miracles but always can help them to happen over time.

Swimming, the art of moving through a liquid substance, without drowning.
Tonight was certainly a challenge for me, it has been roughly 1 week before the water and I met and it sure was noticeable. When I was pre-ironman I felt like a dolphin, smoothly, cutting through the water but at this stage 16 weeks after IM without much training behind me lately, at times I didn't feel sleek and smooth at all, rather like a log through the water. But after a while the log will loose its bark and become smooth moving more efficiently through the water.

800m TT Result (Swim) - 14min 06sec

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Disgrace!!

As a child you grow up learning what is good for you and what's not. As an adult we build on these lessons to get us through life and to achieve our goals and bring success to things that challenge us.
However, it seems that I have lost sight of some of the lessons I have learn over the past 2 season of training to be an Ironman Triathlete. Whether it be from pure ignorance or a lack of discipline, it seems I have got myself back to 'square one' and again it will take sometime to get back to level of fitness I will be happy with.
However, this time I have procrastinated far too long to get back on the 'wagon' and I fear that the goal of 4h 30min for Gold Coast HIM is not out of my reach.
Or.....I can 'pull my finger out' and work hard for the next 9/8 weeks and give it my best shot. This is the course of action that I will pursue.

As you might have guess, there may have been a trigger to ponder such things, well that's exactly was a disgraceful effort at core strength tonight. Again, it's not worth discussing ANY further.
I am challenging myself with 20push ups and 20 crunches each day for the next 20weeks to beat the core strength hoodoo! (Thanks Renee for that challenge)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Sessions Reflections

It is was a typical winters morning in Brisbane, cool and a little breezy. A combination that always will ensure and interesting ride. The ride was a Sandgate loop with a 15min effort along the front at Sandgate. Great effort by all.

Putting my perspective on it, well I woke up a little worse for wear this morning, a combination of lack of sleep (waiting to watch the cricket, then learning play had been abandon, grrr) and the week eventually catching up with me, feeling slightly fluey.

The legs were rather tired after the run yesterday and really fatigued quickly up any major climbs, not that there were many on the ride this morning. It was about 70km in about 2hr 45min (ride time)

When I got back, I decide to rise to the challenge and do a 30min run off the bike.......lets just leave it at that and say no more!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1....a new beginning.....again!

Today is August 1, 2009.
The facts:
  • 2 weeks to Yeppoon HIM
  • 9 weeks to Gold Coast HIM
  • 13 weeks to Port HIM/Noosa
  • 19 weeks to Canberra HIM
  • 31 weeks to IM New Zealand
  • 34 weeks to IM Australia
Time to take stock, this is where I'm at...... The foot is very slow at doing anything, it is frustrating and is causing me to have some 'mental' heart arch over it. This injury is can be one that doesn't go away is a breath, and it appears that this is my case. However, with a number of visits to the Podiatrist and having been sized up for some orthotics, this may begin to improve once I begin to wear these....we will just have to see. This sort of thing just has put a 'mental thorn' in my side and deflated my motivation quite considerably. But it hasn't just been the injury that has been preventing me from having a serious approach to my is also been very draining at the moment and after working some big hours over the past 2 weeks sometimes I just didn't have the motivation or will to go to training. (you don't get much benefit if the mind isn't right).
Of course without much training and little discipline with the diet, I am now carrying a small child around my waist. In fact to be brutally honest, this morning I dared to get on the scales and yep...I have hit the 90kg mark exactly. Not happy and very disappointed
with myself. It time to get it back down, I have a lot a work ahead of me.
I find that when I am pre-occupied with a certain parts of your life other things begin to suffer.

The strategy to get myself out of this rut begins like this:
  • Put together a weekly eating plan and stick to it.
  • Try and get organised on weekend and prepare meals which can be frozen for during the week. If any one has some good recipes then please let me know.
  • Have a greater commitment to my training program
  • Go back to having regular massage
  • Become 'one' with my training......hmmmmmmm
This morning was the start of a greater commitment to the training I was was up and going at 5.30am and scaling Mt Cootha with the squad at 6.30am. This morning I had the coaching reins of group 1 and we completed 17km in about 1hr 50m (run time)How did I go? Well it was a real struggle and in my head I knew it would be but I needed to start somewhere.