Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GC HIM Pre Race Reflections

Wednesday............4 days out from the venture......Gold Coats HIM

Whilst it has not been ideal preparation leading up to the GC HIM it has been much better then the preparation for Yeppoon HIM. Throughout this training campaign, whilst short, it has been interrupted with work commitments, and a back injury but we have pushed through and now have arrived at the taper end of the race preparation.

The back injury has improved out of sight over the past 48hrs, to assist this recovery I have been back into the regular massage (this afternoon, last Wednesday and the Saturday before that) along with the massage has been 3 physio appointments over the last 10 days.

Mentally, I feel rather positive about the race, not expecting too much but hopefully a lot better then Yeppoon. I feel that my bike prep has been a 'little' better and the run prep has been fair. What I am happy with is my current swim form.

The race strategy is looking something like this:
  • Use the 30/15 nutritional/hydration strategy
  • Work with the 140/150bpm bike/run pacing
  • Don't go too hard in the the bike, even if I'm feeling good....the run will be the challenge either need to just leave some 'in the tank'
  • Use compression sock throughout the ride and run.
  • Use the cola run strategy.
The race sees me embracing a new bike setup and using orthodics (in my bike shoes). It will be interesting how I find the running off the bike with the new setup.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday's Training Reflections

AM Squad Run Session
The back was still a little tender but better then the previous couple of days. This is a good thing. Throughout the session I was only working at about 60-70% effort just looking after the back. Throughout the drills, the effort was a little higher at about 80%.

Physio Session (3.30pm)
This was a good session with the physio, again focusing on the back and working out some of that stiffness that I have built up of time. But overall the outcome was promising.

PM Squad Swim Session
Good session, 10 x 50m on 1m15s cycles with a dive start - hard efforts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WHAT the!!

Well it's been 20 days since my last blog entry...that's pretty slack...but things have been consuming life that are important to consider.

Its interesting and of course so true that many athletes who have a full time job, at times really do struggle with the balance. With me it's (and many other athletes), as many people point out (well Mark at least) its all about consistency in training and unfortunately this consistency hasn't been there as the balance has been 'out of wack'. Along with this imbalance is an injury...of the lower back to be precise and it is being a real stubborn cow! (or is it the athlete who it belongs to?)
It think I've covered this point before...but it seems to be recurring....I actually know what is being told to me about this injury and of course have heard it all before, so the question begs...what the hell am I doing? and it is a GREAT question and as yet I have not a clue how to answer it.

But in short.......MY CORE STRENGTH IS POOR....hmmmmmm....that's putting it politely.......this is of course something I have been aware of for sometime......hmmmmm....24 weeks from IM....something to work on I guess.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 Top Performance Tips from the World's Best Coaches

1. Frank Dick, OBE, International Sports coach, Dr Frank Dick OBE, International Sports coach, President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, Creator of the IAAF Academy and “UK Sporting Hero”

Mental toughness. “This is what separates mountain people from valley people. The 2 main elements are: 'Persistent Resilience', this means being committed and being able to go the distance; and having a 'no limits attitude'- once through that line today, there is no sense of having arrived, because there will always be another line.”

2. Mike Forde, Performance Director, Chelsea FC; former Performance Director, Bolton Wanderers FC.

Think bigger, be better, aim higher - nothing is impossible. “Always look towards tomorrow. Learning from yesterday is important, but you have to plan for the next challenge more than anything else in this job. “

3. Valter di Salvo, Director of Real Madrid Performance Centre

Look after your assets. “The number of games has increased in the past few years. This creates a conflict for us because studies reveal there is a 4% chance of injury in every 1,000 minutes spent training. We therefore have to control the efforts a player makes throughout the season with data and signs of exhaustion. In order to determine the risk a player is facing we look at how many minutes he’s played, how much he’s trained and how much he’s run. “

4. Dave Brailsford, MBE, Performance Director, GB Cycling

Be brave, take risks, look forwards. “Be bold, make changes, but not in haste; update training methods, continually chase the best support team. You have to ring the changes.”

5. Bruno de Michelis, Assistant Manager Chelsea FC, former Head of Milan Lab, the high tech performance research centre set up by AC Milan.

Always treat members of a team as individuals. “Milan Lab was an application of a very simple idea, which is putting the person at the centre and trying to have a holistic approach to working on injury prevention. It is trying to be really proactive, more scientific, so we make decisions based on data and information rather than opinion – that is in the tactical, the technical, the nutritional, the biochemical, the psychological, etc.”

Thursday's Training Reflections

Today was a runners day out.

First up this morning: 30 min run inc 6-8 x 50-60m strides afterward.

  • Solid run, legs were a little slugish but improved throughout the run.
  • The strides were done on a slight incline.
  • Felt good throughout.
In the afternoon: 15 min jog; 20 x 30 sec @ 180 cadence with 30 sec jog between each and 10 min jog

This was very tough, trying to achieve the 180 cadence. I constantly achieved about 172 which I suppose isn't too bad.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday's Training Reflections

It was out on the running track on Tuesday morning.

Just working on drills. A really worthwhile session. Revisiting technique is such an advantage.

In the evening it was a 800m TT - 13min 08sec. I was really happy with this achievement as last month the time was 14:06, oh what 4 weeks makes with a change of attitude.