Sunday, May 30, 2010

The return....was it the story of the prodical son....

The rest of the first week back was a mixed bag of emotions, physical pain and mental reflection. Now, I have to say....we don't want to rush we?

The session on Monday was great and certainly was feeling it throughout the upper body the next day. What made it even worse was the upper body session we did at the pool on the Tuesday night.
  • 12 x 50m with band
  • 16 x 50m band & pull buoy
  • 7 x 100m band, pull buoy AND paddles
I have never had my arms as 'lactated' as I did at the end of the session. I had nothing by half way through the 7 x 100m but after a cup of got done.

For the rest of the week, work was a big focus and not much was achieved on the training front.

Friday morning was a trip to the physio and I was given a 'reserved' all clear to begin some light running.

Saturday afternoon I went for that light run, it was a 30minute run all up and wasn't too bad but definitely now where near 100% I would say 50%. The knee began to become sore about 20min into the run, but after a stop and stretch it was good to go for the rest of the run.

The eating plan kicked in this week and I really tried hard to stick to the plan, but there is a real need to break some long standing existing habits to do with my eating. To make sure some of these habits are on their way to be broken I went through the pantry and fridge and removed and means of 'temptation'. Keeping a nutrition diary is something that is new for me and the way in which it make you accountable about your eating is frightening. This is hard...but I knew it wasn't going to be easy.....but the benefits are going to HUGE!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

1 %'ers

11 months out.

Time to bring back the focus on the ball.

For now it is all about the 1 %'ers, the small things that up to now I haven't really put a lot of focus on but times are changing and I even more committed to achieve my goals in triathlon.

With the visit to the sports nutrition on Friday, this will play a big part of the 1%'ers as it influences other 1%'ers. For example, if the eating and nutrition is right the weight will 'hopefully' reduce, with the weight down the potential for continuing injuries may also be hopefully be reduced. It's a bit of a snow ball effect really.

The other 1 %'er is the core strength and flexibility, this will make up the other focus, again, if the core is strong, the injuries will hopefully stay away.

Tonight was my first trip back to 'squad' core strength for a long...long...time. It was a great session...a tough one.....but was very beneficial. A mixture of core strength and box exercise activities....a great balance. I will be feeling it tomorrow.....can't wait!

Sunday, May 23, 2010 of rest...and stretching.

This training.

This afternoon was another stretch session. This time I had a partner, KO joined me for a stretch.

I spent 15minutes stretching and then another 15minutes working on foam roller.

This week there is a plan to head to core with the squad tomorrow night and then swim Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here we we we go.....

Today I was back on the training paddock. Not so much on the bike or a matter of slipping on the runners but it was in the home gym with a foam roller, medicine ball and gym mat. This afternoon I spent 50min working on stretching and core. I had to be gentle as it had been a while since I had ventured into these waters but the work out was a step in the right steps.

The first part of the session was stretching and massaging using the foam roller for about 15minutes.

The next part of the workout was using the skipping rope for 30sec and then a series of 10 pushups and then repeating this 5 times. This was a good opportunity to do a little cardo work especially not being able to run or ride for the moment.

Back into the gym for a session of static stretches. The routine that is shown below is one that I have used and developed over time and appears to work well when I actually use it.

The third part of session was a core strength component. Not a big workout on the core strength but enough to introduce the body back into the routine of it...shocking it back into it actually.

The last bit of the session was a skipping set, on for 60sec off for 20sec by 5.

A good session, one  that assisted in my injury treatment and step in the right direction in getting over this injury.

It's a long way to the top...

It is a little under 12months out from IM 4 which is going to be another assault on IM Australia on May 1, 2011 in Port MacQuarie.

Being a little under 12 months away allows the opportunity to prepare a lot better for achieving my goals in this race. The ultimate goal....qualifying for Hawaii.

The preparation has begun with a trip to Sally Garrard a sports nutritionist to refine my eating habits and to clarify what is an ideal race weight for this race. The goal being that I be at 80kg at the start of the 20 weeks out from IM.

Last night, was my visit to Sally. It was a bit daunting because I was dreading what was going to be said. Well I was anticipating what I was needing to cut out and improve upon within my diet. In fact to some extent I new what was going to be said. But in saying this and knowing the deficiencies in my eating habits, sometimes you need some one just to tell you from a health, professional and scientific perspective.

Basically like a training program it is a plan to follow to assist in achieving my goals within my IM events, something that I haven't really place a great deal of importance in the past and one that is in fact very important....To tell you the truth...yes it's time to get serious....yes...that's right I'm nearly 40 and thinking about getting even more serious about this IM racing....qualifying for Kona is becoming even more an say that it is what i would call a controlled obsession.

Some thoughts and ideas that came out of my visit to the Sports Nutritionist:
  • Need to control more portions a lot better.
  • Reduce the amount of 'sugars' (the bad type) in my diet
  • My race and training nutrition is just about spot on.
  • Pre training nutrition needs a little more refining.
  • Skin fold test...not bad...but not good either.
  • Triceps skin fold was very impressive :-)
  • Stomach line measurement is an issue...needs urgent work.
  • We determined that a 'more' than realistic weight to be at for racing and training is no more then 80kg.
  • Overall it was a positive and exciting experience, to think what would be possible if I get down to this weight.
  • The eating plan kicks in on Monday...wooohooo.....could be interesting!!
  • I have to keep a eating different to my blog really....shouldn't be a problem at all.
This is going to be a challenge but one that will assist me to achieve the goals throughout the coming season.....Just need to work on these injuries now.

The UPs and downs

Since the Tour I have really been struggling with a few niggles. In fact 2 specific injuries I would say. One is my right knee and the other being a 'dull pain' between the glute and hamstring, this one is got me miffed a little; however I have a feeling it may be related to the back injury.

The priority at the moment has been to get treatment on these two injuries. I have been getting some intense physio on the 2 injury spots over the last week. The verdict has been that I have a ITB injury on the right leg and a hamstring/glute strain on the left....if it rains it pours.

The treatment plan goes something like this. There is to be no running or cycling for the week just gone and nothing for the coming week, except for a bit of swimming. There is to be plenty of stretching each day 15-20min focussing on these two areas.

Some of the stretching for these two areas include:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

TDT - Update 1

On my way to the coast.....what a great day for the start of the 24hrs

The Tour is in sight....

The Tour De Tri is in sight. It is early Sunday mroning and the Tour begins at 1.00pm. Everything is organised and the mind is ready, the strategy has been developed and I am ready to race for 24hrs.

Heading up shortly to set up Camp Tubs.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010 - The start of a new challenge.....again

May 1, 2010, it's a Saturday and for once I have done very little and gone nowhere significant. A day of rest, the Tour de Tri is tomorrow. However, there has been other excitement. There is always excitement when you mention Ironman Triathlon to's an addiction....but when it's one that keeps you fit and's and enjoyable addiction.

At 12.00pm today, entries to both IM Australia and IM New Zealand went on sale. At the beginning of the day I was still very confused and disillusioned with the whole IM sport and the way in which it appears to be's big business...why shouldn't the world triathlon corporation take advantage of one of the fast growing sports going around at the moment. I was still very undecided when and where the next IM race would be for me. As many of you are aware this 'game' is not a cheap and the addiction needs to be fed with races (either IM or HIM distances) to keep the passion and love of the sport going. So, after much deliberation at about 4pm today I enter IM Australia for May 1, 2011. This is crazy! You have to enter a race a year in it had to be today as it had the potential to sell out in a day. At 4pm when I decided to enter the entries were at 70 % and not long ago the race actually did sell out....this is crazy. When I turn up for IM Australia next year I will basically need my $700.00 entry fee with me to enter on the Monday if I want to race IM OZ in 2012. It is getting an expensive addiction to maintain...but if you enjoy something then you normally will budget to find a way to make it happen.
In IM OZ I will be racing in a new age group.....40-44, even though I will be still 39...but they take you age as of December 31, 2010.....and I guess they like to age you quickly in triathlon. Well, does it, make my chances for qualifying for Kona any better....the true answers is....who really does know....but I am sure going to give it my best shot!