Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bike Session

Today's Training Program
AM - Bike: 3 hr bike in 39 x 16/15 @ 95+ rpm on the flatter areas.
PM - Rest Session.

Today's Journal

Today is time to the seriousness back into the training...enough excuses...

The squad went out on a training ride which I joined the for. Thrown in with the ride was to complete a 5km time trial, then get back on the bike and complete the ride. The ride stats were as follows:

Time: 3:14:23 (totals from home)
Distance: 80.96km
Avge Cad: 68rpm
Avge Spd: 24.9km/h

The time trial stats were as follows (Courtsey of Forerunner 305):

The same issue is asrising here in this run with working at running at a constant pace throughout the run. The initial enthusiasm must be controlled and I need to work at a consistant pace throughout the race.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Enough of the excuses

Today's Training Program
AM - Swim session: 400 m warm up.
Main set: 8 x 200m on 4 min 15 sec cycle.200m swim down

PM - Rest Session

Today's Journal
The motivation to head down to the pool today was not there. Instead I replaced this session with Wednesday's Session (Run: 40 min comfortable run – easy aerobic pace, put some rolling hills in this run.)

The final stats of the run are as follows:

The course had a number of rolling hills and toward the 7-8km mark began to struggle a little.

One of the observations from the chart above is that it would be worth focussing on trying to maintain a more even pace throughout the run...even up the hills...something to work on.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday's Journal

Today's Training Program
AM - Bike: 2 hr bike in 39 x 16 at 95 + rpm on the flatter areas.
PM - Rest Session

Today's Journal
Feeling a little fatigued and tired the morning session did not happen, probably looking to transfer it to another time.

During the day I ended up watching a TV program Foxtel had on the 2006 Australian Ironman...very inspiring. Chris McCormick is someone to admire. Just to see all those age group competitor finish the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run just proves that it is definately an achieveable goal for 2008. You learn so much about the sport by just watching both the Professionals and the Age Groupers...the gear...what happens in tranistion...etc. It is something worth keeping and watching again.

In fact I have set the IQ box to record the various ITU Triathlons and Ironman races Foxtel are featuring over the next couple of weeks. I am finding them a useful training tool...the number of tips and ideas I have picked up just watching this race has been so worthwhile.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Great Rain....

Today's Training Program
AM - Run: 40 min comfortable run – easy aerobic pace, put some rolling hills in this run.
PM - Swim session: 400 m warm up. Main set: 10 x 100m on 2 min 5 sec cycle, use pool buoy.200m swim down just mix it up.

Today's Journal
It was a much of an indoors day...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On to 2007...look forward...NOT back...well maybe a little

I am using this entry to begin my blogging for 2007. This blog, as you may have guessed is about my challenges and triumphs in working toward my personal best in both single and mulit-disipline sports, namely triathlon (of varying distances) and running events (again of varying distances).

Monday, December 25, 2006

Day Off...Its Christmas Day

Today not a lot of training...just celebrating Christmas 2006 with family....wooooooh....what a day.