Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday's Morning Long Distance Swim Session

Session Objectives:
  • To improve the athletes catch part of the stroke. (improve the 'feel' for the water)
  • To ensure the form of the stroke/drill in maintained over an extended distance. 
  • To condition the athlete and improve overall strength in the swim.
Warm Up
400m Pull (25 breathing every 3/25m every 5)
Main Set
15 x 150m (with pull) on 3m00s


#1 – 25m Scull/125m Swim
#2 – 50m Scull/100m Swim
#3 – 75m Scull/75m Swim
#4 – 100m Scull/50m Swim
#5 – 125m Scull/25m Scull
Repeat 3 times = Total 15 x 150m - Starting @ #1 each time

Warm Down
5 x 50m (25m Back/25m Swim)

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